Day 4 -- Itawamba CC in Tupelo, Mississippi | American Made Movie

Day 4 -- Itawamba CC in Tupelo, Mississippi

July, 11th 2013 Blog

Tupelo, MS --July 8, 2013

The AMM crew toured the unique facilities of Itawamba Community College (ICC) in Tupelo, MS.

American Made Movie at ICC in Tupelo, MS

What makes this visit particularly special is ICC has a Workforce Development & Training department and lab, which gives students a hands-on experience in the Manufacturing field of their choice while obtaining a college degree.

American Made Movie visits Itawamba Community Collegeā€¬ in Tupelo, MSEducation and hands-on training is key in building jobs and products in America.

An advanced screening was held at ICC followed by our tour's second "Be A Part" Award presentation.

The "Be A Part" award was granted to Founder and President of Hawkeye Industries, Inc., Bryan Hawkins.

A retired Mississippi National Guard, Mr. Hawkins has a long history serving his Country. The presentation of this award recognizes his continued commitment to the United States. Bryan Hawkin's company is one of Mississippi's top growing small business. Hawkeye Industries, Inc. beneficially influences its local economy, creating more jobs and
business in the area. Mr. Hawkins is a model for better the American market.

[caption id="attachment_860" align="text-center" width="300"]Bryan Hawkins received the Be A Part Award in Tupelo, MS Bryan Hawkins, President and Founder of Hawkeye Industries, Inc. receives a "Be A Part" award for his influences in the Mississippi community.[/caption]

Thank you Tupelo for a unique and inspiring look into educating future American manufacturers. The next stop is Nashville, TN, where we will screen the American Made Movie at one of the Country's first silent film theatres and take a tour of American-Made pasta facilities.

Until tomorrow.