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Life is My Movie Entertainment announces 32 city - 32 day bus tour

June, 21st 2013 Blog

ATLANTA, Georgia – Today, Life is My Movie Entertainment announced a 32-city, 32-day national economic bus tour beginning Friday, July 5th to highlight and promote small and large companies that contribute to the U.S. economy and manufacturing sector. Traveling across 20 states, the bus tour will host a range of events including an advanced screening of its upcoming documentary American Made Movie.

American Made Movie is a feature-length documentary that explores the decline in America’s manufacturing workforce and highlights innovative Americans across the county who succeeded in spite of a global marketplace that has driven-out American-made products by outsourcing and driving-down prices. Directors Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel Thomas McGill demonstrate that the American Dream is still attainable for future generations by featuring several small businesses that have seen success despite the ever-expanding global economy.

“There’s no question the U.S. economy is in dire straits. With the unemployment rate soaring, rampant out of control spending in Washington and widening national debt, our economy is at a virtual standstill,” Vittorio said. “But there are scores of people across the country that are going up against the naysayers and building their own profitable businesses that are touting American made products, and that’s what the documentary and the bus tour are about. This is a positive step to drive-up consumerism in a country that is facing increasing challenges from growing globalization.”

At each scheduled stop, the American Made Movie tour will screen the film for audiences and feature events that highlight the region’s companies and developing manufacturing industries.

“The American Made Movie bus tour will be an opportunity for each town to showcase their contributions to American manufacturing, which is what we wanted to show in the documentary,” said McGill. “The truth is that American-made items are really making a comeback and there are areas in every region of the U.S. that are making great strides in this industry that many thought we lost to overseas competitors.”

Theatrical Release:
If you don't have a chance to see the movie on tour, American Made Movie will be released nationwide on August 31.

32 City Tour Schedule:
07/05- Gwinnett County, Georgia
07/06 – Birmingham, Alabama
07/07 – Greenwood, Mississippi
07/08 – Tupelo, Mississippi
07/09 – Nashville, Tennessee
07/10 – St. Louis, Missouri
07/11 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
07/12- Chicago, Illinois
07/13- Ann Arbor, Michigan
07/14- Cleveland, Ohio
07/15- Youngstown, Ohio
07/16- Louisville, Kentucky
07/17- Indianapolis, Indiana
07/18- Detroit, Michigan
07/19- Rochester, New York
07/20- Elma, New York
07/21- Niagara Falls, New York
07/22- Warren, Pennsylvania
07/23- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
07/24- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
07/25- Bridgeport, Connecticut
07/26- Cromwell, Connecticut
07/27- Boston, Massachusetts
07/28- Skowhegan, Maine
07/29- Manhattan, New York
07/30- Washington, D.C.
07/31- Baltimore, Maryland
08/01- Ashville, North Carolina
08/02- Charlotte, North Carolina
08/03- Jacksonville, Florida
08/04- Gainesville, Florida
08/05- Atlanta, Georgia

About Life is My Movie Entertainment:

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