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Carter Beard

Carter Beard

Annin Flagmakers, President

“Business is always flowing and evolving and it will start to move back here, we are already starting to see that.”

Carter Beard’s great-grandfather, Louis Annin Ames, guided the company from 1896 until 1952. He took pride in leading the company that his grandfather and uncles had run since 1847. His grandchildren, Randy Beard, Lee Beard and Jack Dennis, ran Annin from the 1950’s until the early 2000’s.

Beard received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Richmond in 1987. After graduation he worked in Boston, first managing an Annin dealer, The Flag Center, and later working for Putnam Mutual Funds in broker/dealer service. He joined Annin Flagmakers in 1989. He worked for two years in the factories fixing sewing machines, running material slitters, and supervising sewing departments. He then spent three years in the corporate office supervising the Custom and Costing departments. This entailed quoting both custom work and government bids and processing the orders through to fulfillment. Mr. Beard subsequently returned to graduate school in 1994 and received his MBA from Duke University in 1996 with a concentration in operations and finance.

Beard returned to Annin in July 1996 and worked in various positions until, January 1, 2011 when Beard became the President and CEO of Annin Flagmakers.